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19.08.14 | Talal Nizameddin

Recent events in Syria and Ukraine have confirmed Putin’s desire to extend his global influence. Talal Nizameddin offers up ten things Putin’s leadership has taught us.

07.08.14 | Nicholas Krohley

An interview with Nicholas Krohley, author of ‘The Death of the Mehdi Army: Insurgency and Civil Society in Occupied Baghdad’ on Moqtada al-Sadr’s complex relationship with Iran.

The camel corps at Beersheba
31.07.14 | Jean-Pierre Filiu

Gaza’s strategic position—the key to controlling access to Sinai, to Palestine and the wider Middle East—has made it an enviable prize for thousands of years. Jean-Pierre Filiu explains why during the First World War the British and Ottoman Empires fought so hard to control it.